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Permanent Recruitment

Once registered with 118 Recruitment Solutions you have access to a vast range of services, enabling you to enter the job market at the top of your game. Whether you want to polish your CV, gain handy interview tips before meeting the client or expert advice on the employment market, there is always help on hand. Our personalised service ensures that at no time during your relationship with 118 Recruitment Solutions, will you feel that you are just a number. The consultant who interviews you is assigned to your job search for the duration and will stay in regular contact to update you on all developments and, of course, let you know about that fantastic opportunity.

Saving You Time, 118 Recruitment Solutions we will only contact you about the vacancies we believe fit the specifications you've given us, having spent time with you clarifying your requirements. We won't send you for multiple interviews that aren't suited to your experience and ambitions. We aim to arrange interviews that offer the optimum fit for you, and provide the best opportunity to land that job.

Proactive Service

At 118 Recruitment Solutions we believe in creating success and will work hard to create success for you. To this end, we prepare mail shots on our permanent candidates, particularly those with specialised backgrounds, and will send these out to several targeted companies. On your behalf, we will also get in touch with specific companies and HR departments with whom we have excellent working relationships in order to promote you. This proactive service is just one of the benefits of being registered with 118 Recruitment Solutions and is provided to you absolutely free of charge.

Long Lasting Relationships

118 Recruitment Solutions take great pride in establishing fruitful, long-lasting relationships with our temporary candidates. A large percentage of our temporary candidates start out working through more than one agency, but on experiencing the regular, exciting placements and personalised service that 118 Recruitment Solutions can offer, choose to deal exclusively with us. We find that our temporary candidates return to us throughout their career, feeling confident that we can offer them the best assignments for each new level of their professional development.

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